Susana Requena
Handmade Ceramics

Susana Requena, arts and crafts, graphic design, ceramics, teaching. My passion is expression in its multiple and varied forms.

I was born in Córdoba and spent time in Seville, Florence, Paris, Montevideo, Toulouse and Barcelona, ​​where I currently live.

Since 2013, I have explored ceramics as a technique of creation and research. And, apparently, I have opened a door which is impossible to close. I must admit the contact with the matter and materials connects with my most primary and essential creative universe.

With the step taken from the sketch to the actual piece – in all its stages I can participate first hand: modeling, glazing, baking – and in the whole technical and conceptual experience.

Every piece, with its unique touch, moves between random and fragile.

A piece which, once in your home, I hope is part of your daily tableware. And it finally becomes one more member in your family.

Susana Requena Ceramic.

Susana requena handmade ceramics

Creativity with daily objects