Susana Requena was born in Córdoba and lives with her family in a pretty house in Sant Cugat del Vallès, where she works as a teacher in the Art and Design School.

She is a ceramist. She admits to being in love with ceramics, because it fulfils her in many ways.This discipline is a world filled with possibilities that she greatly enjoys, “from thinking about the shape to working with enamels, colours… the technique demands a great deal of creativity”, she says.

She has her own small atelier at home but asks that we interview her outside, in the garden, because her pieces look better that way. It is the start of spring and we cannot refuse, so we get fired up enough to open a bottle of Freyé Syra/Sumoll, our quintessential rosé chosen to go with Susana’s art.

> What does culture mean for you?

Culture means wanting to learn all the time about everything. I know nothing about theatre, but I like to have recommendations about plays. I know nothing about dance, but I love to go to a dance performance. It means wanting to read, wanting to go to exhibitions… Wanting to take part in every possible way in cultural activities.

> What do you do to cultivate it?

Reading, I read a lot. I travel with my family. And I attend spectacles that perhaps I might not otherwise go to, but I do because they are not part of my own training and this way I discover other ways of learning.

> What inspires you?

I’m inspired by nature, pastel colours, trees, vegetation… I am lucky that here in Sant Cugat I am really close to Collserola and to the sea, and my source of inspiration is Mediterranean flora.

> Which are your motivations?

When creating ceramics, my motivation is making beautiful things that can be used, for example using your own cup when drinking coffee because you find it so special.

> The Sant Jordi book day is approaching. Will you recommend a book?

“The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Milan Kundera.

> A song?

One by Luis Eduardo Aute, “Ten Past Four”.

> And a film?

I’m a bit of a romantic (she laughs bashfully), “The English Patient”.

> Which is your favourite time of day?

Early evening.

> To have a glass of wine?

To have a drink, to sit down to read, to study, to go out… That’s when I feel most creative.

> Why do you like Freyé Syrah/Sumoll?

I like rosé because it is the midpoint between dry and fruity wine and I feel it goes well with many things, with meats, rice dishes, cheese… it goes well with everything and always hits the spot. And this one happens to have a flavour that I really like.

> With which dish would you pair it?

(She sniffs deeply, takes a sip and gives her forthright opinion) Lobster rice in broth.

Interview written by Domènech. Vidal, is born in the soul of the Penedès, with an activity of more than a century dedicated to growing grapes and making wine in these soils.

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