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Small Bubbles Soap Dish

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Handmade ceramics
Glazed stoneware
Ideal for handmade bar soap. Or as a tray to keep small pieces of jewellery, watches or other small objects.
Suitable for daily usedishwasher and microwave.

Unique piece.
Size: 8,5 cm Ø

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Suitable safe packaging for one, two or more items available.
Optimal safe packaging for shipments of Ceramic Small Bubbles Soap Dish.
Ceramic Small Bubbles Soap Dish is ideal as a gift for tea and brew lovers to celebrate a special occasion: birthdays, celebrations, housewarmings, etc.
If it is a gift, you only have to indicate it in the purchase observations, so I can wrap it to make it look gorgeous. Including a message is also available.
All the products which I offer are handmade. If there are non in stock you can send me an email to hola@susanarequena.com and make an order, the delivery time, depending on the quantity of pieces, is 30-45 days.
Each piece is unique, so there may be small variations between the photographs shown on the web and the product you will receive.
All the materials I use are from local distributors.
You have doubts? You can go to our Frequently Asked Questions section.
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In Pottery Care section you will find any answers about care handmade ceramic’s questions or doubts you need for daily use.

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