Ceramic custom

How do you like your pottery?

The ceramic custom, each piece is unique, so there may be small variations between the photographs shown on the web and the product you will receive.

Please be aware I am a small craft business and all pieces are produced in reduced collections. If there is no in stock you can send me an email to hola@susanarequena.com and make an order, the delivery time, depending on the quantity of pieces, is 4-6 weeks.

If you need inspiration for ceramic custom, you can to visit  our social networks like Pinterest and Instagram to know more about Susana Requena Ceramic..

In Pottery Care section you will find any answers about care handmade ceramic’s questions or doubts you need for daily use.

What about a catalogue?

There is a catalogue currently on my website that can be printed out in a PDF form. Please use it as a reference for color, shape, and form. (Coming soon, the catalogue)